Marketplace PM for May 18, 2007

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China loosens control on currency — a bit

Starting Monday, China will allow its currency to rise or fall 0.5% a day. The limit used to be 0.3%. The action comes amid pressure from the U.S. and Europe to remove such controls. Alisa Roth reports.
Posted In: Economy, Washington

Giving doctors an insider's view

Why do some pharmaceutical shares tend to experience significant ups and downs just before a doctors' conference? It's not coincidence. Bob Moon reports.
Posted In: Crime, Health, Investing, Wall Street

The public impact of private equity

Big buyout firms have been on a shopping spree lately, taking public companies off the market. Kai Ryssdal talked with Fortune magazine's Adam Lashinsky about what it all means.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

Week on Wall Street

Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson discusses with host Kai Ryssdal what happened on Wall Street this week and what may lie ahead.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

Declare war on TV

Former M_A_S*H star Mike Farrell says it's time for television to end its barrage of unreal "reality" shows and provide programming with some very real material.
Posted In: Entertainment

A quaint English village <nobr>. . .</nobr> in South Korea?

Fluency in English is considered key to success in South Korea. So the country is creating opportunities for citizens to visit English-speaking locales &mdash; and one's not too far from Seoul. Rico Gagliano checked it out.

Where in the (business) world is Bhutan?

The remote Himalayan nation of Bhutan recently sent its first trade delegation to Los Angeles. Their goal: How to adapt to business culture without losing their own. Lisa Napoli reports.

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