Marketplace PM for June 7, 2006

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Discrimination talks at an impasse

After months of negotiating, talks have broken down between Merrill Lynch and dozens of its African American financial advisers who sued for "systemic discrimination and retaliation." Amy Scott reports.

For science or profit?

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia plans to create a genetic database of over 100,000 children. The initiative raises questions about privacy and who should profit from such information. Helen Palmer reports.
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Hey, those are <em>our</em> ancient remedies!

American and European drug companies have filed thousands of patents on unorthodox treatments that have been used in India for centuries. Now, India is fighting back to protect its ancient intellectual property. Suzanne Marmion reports.
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Economic malaise

The statistics say everything is fine with the American economy. But ask most people on the street, and they'll tell you the economy is only so-so. Commentator and economist Glenn Hubbard thinks he has an answer.
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Time to check for illegals

Dunkin' Donuts is one of 6,200 US companies taking part in a new federal program checking new workers against existing databases to find out if they're legal. But checking current employees is illegal. Sean Cole reports.

Ben Bernanke, meet the ghost of Alan Greenspan

New Fed chief Ben Bernanke has been getting some heat lately for sending Wall Street on a wild ride. Down, mostly. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to James Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer to put it in perspective.
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Estate tax vote coming up

The Senate again takes up repealing the estate tax this week. But in a time of rising deficits, will lawmakers really sign off on a permanent tax cut? John Dimsdale reports.
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