Marketplace for October 18, 2010

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Marketplace for October 18, 2010

Is the foreclosure crisis a case of systemic fraud?

There's no doubt that in light of the faulty paperwork by banks, the foreclosure crisis has become a huge tangled mess. Who's to blame and how much punishment is deserved? Kai Ryssdal talks to Congressman Alan Grayson about how much of it may have been deliberate systemic fraud.
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Can Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac work out foreclosures without more debt?

Today marked the deadline for mortgage lenders to review their foreclosure procedures, in the wake of the latest discoveries about faulty paperwork. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stand among the major players. Bob Moon reports on how it's coming along.
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Banks' profits don't equal revenue

For the third time in a row, Citigroup has posted quarterly profits. That doesn't mean the banking institution, one of the biggest names in the financial crisis, is entirely up on its feet again. Alisa Roth reports.
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Why are the French rebelling?

Another day of violent strikes and protests took over the streets of France today over a proposed reform law that could raise the retirement age by two years. It seems like a minor change, but Stephen Beard reports there may be more behind the rebellion.

Reality TV comes to Craigslist

Craigslist is a go-to resource for millions of Internet users in search of that apartment, cheap bike or even that missed connection. But reality TV? Kai Ryssdal chats with producer Drew Brown about Craigslist TV.
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How Prop 23 could affect jobs

California's Election Day ballot will feature a key initiative in Prop 23, which could halt the state's climate change law until state unemployment drops to 5 percent. But will passing the proposition mean even more job losses? Eve Troeh reports.

Don't blame our values for the economy

With the recent housing and foreclosure crises, there's a lot of uncertainty in the future. But that doesn't mean our American values have or should change, says Tufts professor Daniel Drezner.
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