Marketplace for Monday, September 14, 2009

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Marketplace for Monday, September 14, 2009

Greyhound bus service comes to U.K.

The Greyhound bus service has arrived in Britain, and it may look a bit different from its American counterpart. Stephen Beard reports.

Prioritizing which loans to pay off first

There are strategies for lowering your debt faster, but most people don't know what they are. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely talks with Kai Ryssdal about the irrational ways people deal with debt.

New York launches business incubators

New York is trying to give its entrepreneurs a leg up. Mayor Michael Bloomberg just opened the Big Apple's first city-funded startup incubator. Ben Calhoun reports.
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Tires drive wedge between China, U.S.

China is accusing the U.S. of violating trade rules after the Obama administration announced it would hike tariffs on Chinese tire imports. Scott Tong reports.

Sarkozy: GDP is a limited measure

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is calling for countries to adopt new ways of measuring well-being because he considers gross domestic product to be obsolete. Alisa Roth reports.

Is there still time for sweeping reform?

University of Missouri Professor William Black talks with Kai Ryssdal about what kind of financial system reform we've seen so far, what changes the president is proposing, and what happens if no reform comes about.

What Obama wants for financial reform

Nearly a year after Lehman Brothers came crashing down, President Obama urged Congress to move on stalled regulatory reforms of the nation's financial system. John Dimsdale reports.

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