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The Chinese company Alibaba is squaring up to sell its shares to the public here in the U.S. The IPO is expected to be the biggest since Facebook. But what is Alibaba? It’s a lot more (and a lot more profitable) than just a Chinese Amazon.  Plus: Crimeans have voted overwhelmingly for the territory to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. This is a big political victory for Russia’s leaders but some estimate that Russia will need to spend $10 billion each year for the next 5 years to build infrastructure, pay pensions and benefits to the 2 million residents. And finally: If you get the entire NCAA bracket right, you can win $1 billion from Quicken Loans. But the odds are hugely against you: 1 in 9 quintillion. 

The supposed Bitcoin inventor got a lawyer

And now we may never know if he's the one or not.
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The government's getting out of the Internet business

It's not magic fueling, says the CEO of ICANN.
Posted In: ICANN, Internet

With no elephants around, the Chinese keep buying ivory

The new middle class in China has a booming demand for the banned product.

Alibaba is more than 'a Chinese Amazon'

It's a lot more profitable, too.
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The price of winning Crimea

A big political victory for Russia’s leaders will come with costs -- Crimea depends on Ukraine for water, energy, food and 70 percent of its budget.

Do you wanna live forever?

Marketplace Datebook for Tuesday, March 18, 2014
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Why the business card keeps on keepin' on

Even in the digital age, paper business cards find a way to stand out now and then.
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Guess the NCAA bracket! Your odds are 1 in 9 quintillion!

So what is certain about this promotion? That Dan Gilbert, the businessman who owns Quicken Loans, gets several million sales leads by people registering for the game.
Posted In: March Madness, lottery

The U.S. relies on transformers - and that's a little scary

The failure of just nine utility substations, and the closing of one factory, could blackout the entire U.S. for 18 months.
Posted In: transformers, power grid, Blackout

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