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Just a few weeks ago, the American economy seemed to be on an upswing, but now people are starting to throw the R-word around again. Meanwhile, the European Union seems to be on the verge of collapse. Kai Ryssdal talks to the New York Times' Paul Krugman about the possibility of global recession. Some are arguing England's Diamond Jubilee celebration for Queen Elizabeth II is inappropriate considering the country's budget woes. And our series Food for 9 Billion continues with a look at Africa and its needs for good, quality dirt.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee brings joy and complaints

Britain is marking Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign, but some complain the celebrations and extra public holidays cost too much in a recession.
Posted In: england, monarchy, Queen, royal, Queen Elizabeth II

Soil is ground zero in African farming debate

Ghana's farmers face tough choices in search for fertility boost.
Posted In: Ghana, soil, sustainability, farming, Africa

A global recession: How did we get here?

Looks like the recession has gone global. We look at some of the factors.
Posted In: global recession

What's Up, Europe? Gloom over austerity... and soccer in Portugal

Portugal was approved for its latest installment of bailout cash. What's life like for the Portuguese living under the gloom of austerity, and likely losses at the European Championship.
Posted In: Portugal, Whats up Europe

Who are the biggest holders of U.S. debt?

There's always talk that foreigners -- China, especially -- hold all of our debt, but that isn't true.
Posted In: Treasuries, Federal Reserve

Paul Krugman on fixing the global economy

The Nobel Prize-winning economist talks about what's causing a global recession and what central banks need to do to help.
Posted In: global economy, Paul Krugman

Wisconsin governor's recall unites public safety workers

When Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker changed his state's collective bargaining laws, it galvanized one unlikely group: police, firefighters and corrections officers.
Posted In: Wisconsin, Scott Walker, recall

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