Marketplace for March 15, 2011

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Marketplace for March 15, 2011

Natural gas can substitute for nuclear power

Natural gas is a clean alternative to coal, oil and nuclear power, and its supply is growing, but the production of natural gas poses its own environmental risks.

U.S. corporations donate millions for Japan relief efforts

More than $50 million has been promised to Japan in what will likely be the largest relief response since the 2004 Southeast Asian tsunami.
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Fed meets amid uncertain demand for Treasurys

The biggest buyers of U.S. Treasurys -- the Federal Reserve, China and Japan -- may be losing their appetite. What does that mean for interest rates?

Despots' real estate holdings in London

Middle Eastern dictators often own expensive homes in London's best neighborhoods, but there is a mounting backlash against their luxury lifestyles.
Posted In: Housing

In Japan: Fear of the unknown

Mixed messages over nuclear threat create uncertainty and panic; some citizens flee.

Europe's nuclear energy dilemma

Europe wants to cut carbon emissions and move away from fossil fuels. But nuclear energy is now suspect because of recent events in Japan.

Giving out foreign aid

The revolution in the Middle East has led many to question: What's next for U.S. foreign aid to the region?

Colorado's cracked dams create budget dilemma

Colorado faces a tough budget year due to the loss of tax revenue and growing costs to keep programs and services running. It's inspired some creative thinking to fix the state's dams.

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