Marketplace for June 24, 2011

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Marketplace for June 24, 2011

U.S. tennis tries to net more young players

The United States Tennis Association has launched a program to hook younger players by shrinking courts and racquets. The hope is to grow interest in the sport and help produce more American champions.
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Weekly Wrap: Debt talks hit impasse

Reviewing the week's news on Wall Street. This week: debt discussions and market volatility.
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President could make good on U.S. obligations

Some scholars say it is illegal for the U.S. to default on its obligations -- and the president could have the bills paid by executive order.

The job rule

Millions of Americans are jobless. Many are now falling into the category of long-term unemployed. So how do you create jobs in this economy?

Connecticut unions reject givebacks, kill budget

Layoffs are now likely, as the Constitution State looks to state employees -- and their pay and benefits -- to balance budgets.

You Must Go and Win: Life in the indie rock trenches

Singer/songwriter Alina Simone discusses her new book, life as a struggling musician, and what compels her to continue pursuing music.
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