Marketplace for August 18, 2011

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Marketplace for August 18, 2011

Why banks are easily affected by the markets

Banks have been getting stronger and more profitable since their big bailout, but they still get shaky every time the markets have a tumble. It has a lot to do with old debt and short term confidence
Posted In: Banks

Is it finally time to raise interest rates?

The Fed wants to keep interest rates low until 2013, which was supposed to reduce uncertainty. Why does Thomas Hoenig think it actually will have the opposite effect?
Posted In: Personal Finance

Coming soon: A fee for having a debit card

Now that banks have to reduce the fee they receive from merchants when you use a debit card, they're considering charging you a monthly fee for using one
Posted In: Credit Cards

Europe fails to tackle debt; worsens uncertainty

Measures put forward to solve Europe's debt crisis seem piecemeal and unconvincing. This failure is contributing to the markets' uncertainty

How to lose money by saving more

The Federal Reserve's plan to keep interest rates near zero for two more years nearly wipes out interest income for people who rely on federally insured savings accounts and certificates of deposit.
Posted In: Savings

The economic worries of a regular American consumer

Don Holzschuh has been driving semi-trucks in the Midwest for nearly 35 years. He talks about how he's been trying to survive financially, and why he thinks the recession isn't over.
Posted In: Economy

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