Marketplace for April 4, 2011

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Marketplace for April 4, 2011

The complications in distributing foreign aid

Nearly $1 billion has been given to Japan in earthquake relief aid, but much of it hasn't been distributed to victims yet. There are a number of complexities that come into figuring out how much to give and how.
Posted In: Charity

McDonald's supersizes hiring

The fast food giant will add up to 50,000 new employees in one day. And McDonald's is looking for workers who are looking for more than a McJob.
Posted In: Food

Banks, retailers warn customers of data breach

JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Best Buy and others say millions of email addresses may have been exposed when hackers hit data firm Epsilon.

A tipping point for green energy and business

New finance models means green energy is making better and better business sense.

New zoning fad creates old-style business districts

City planners increasingly wonder if traditional zoning laws lead to sprawl. So more cities are turning to "form-based" code, which focuses on a building's look, rather than its specific commercial/residential use.
Posted In: Housing

The downside to Citibank clearing little checks first

Citibank says it will soon clear little checks before big ones in an effort to reduce bounced checks. Banking consultant Mike Moebs discusses the potential impact that may have.
Posted In: Banks

Southwest checks planes after safety scare

The airline is checking its planes after a hole appeared in one of its jets in flight. Some now question Southwest's fast-turnaround operations.
Posted In: Airlines

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