Marketplace for April 14, 2011

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Marketplace for April 14, 2011

Cities want to cash in on their parking spots

Cash-strapped cities look to raise millions, even billions, by privatizing their parking meters and garages. And even if your city keeps control of its parking spaces, rates could likely climb.
Posted In: Transportation

Egypt seeks debt forgiveness from U.S.

Fayza Abulnaga, Egypt's minister of planning and international cooperation, discusses her country's economic challenges and what happens if Egypt doesn't get the aid and assistance it needs.

Restoring Japan through entrepreneurship

Japan's economy is struggling to recover from last month's earthquake and tsunami. A Japanese business graduate says entrepreneurship is the answer.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Apple juice to join commodities trading

Move over orange juice. An American commodities exchange plans to let traders also bet on the future price of apple-juice concentrate.
Posted In: Food, Investing

CBO cuts budget cuts down to real size

According to the CBO, the deal to cut this year's budget by $38 billion looks more like $352 million when you do the real math.

Financial crisis: What we've learned and how far we've come

Law and economics professor William Black discusses why it has been so difficult to prosecute people involved in the 2008 financial crisis and regulate Wall Street.
Posted In: Wall Street

The NFL paycheck hit

Today, NFL and its players have restarted mediation talks in Minneapolis. At stake is the financial direction and payout of the popular league.
Posted In: NFL

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