Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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All this week we're talking about the near future of tech. Not clones and robot servants, but what's coming in the next decade. Today we look at what's coming in our own industry: Media. More and more it isn't just a discussion of old forms, but new forms as well -- I know one of my go to news sites these days happens to be Twitter. Kara Swisher, the co-exectuive editor of AllThingsD, says any media company that wants a future needs to be thinking about going mobile in every way.

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Media's mobile future makes room for long-form journalism

The media landscape is rapidly changing. Kara Swisher, co-exectuive editor AllThingsD, says any news outlet that wants a future must go mobile in every way.
Posted In: media, news media, mobile

Military hops on the 'Internet of Things'

The U.S. military has been thinking about the 'Internet of Things' -- networks of devices that talk to one another. But there are some major obstacles.
Posted In: defense, military, Internet

Small, not big, online retailers oppose Internet sales tax

It's rare these days that legislation flies through the U.S. Senate and gets bipartisan support in the House of Representatives -- but the Internet sales tax bill could do both.
Posted In: Internet, Taxes, sales tax, online sales tax

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