Marketplace Tech for Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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Five years ago today Apple's App store opened for the first time as an expansion of the company's online marketplace iTunes. On its first day, there were only about 500 apps available. At five-years-old, it offers over 850,000. This week Apple's been offering a bunch of its apps for free to celebrate. But that's not actually all that unusual. The complex ecosystem of apps has gone through quite a pricing evolution.

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Apple gets hit for e-book price fixing

A federal judge ruled this morning that Apple colluded with five major U.S. publishers to fix e-book prices.
Posted In: apple, ebooks, anti-trust

App store turns five and the blossoming of in-app purchases

Instead of cash up front, the mobile gaming world in particular has moved toward something called in-App purchases.
Posted In: apple, apps, mobile, mobile apps, games

Does anyone send greeting cards anymore?

The greeting card company’s founding family is trying to take American Greetings private. It’s been hit by e-cards, like most paper products companies.
Posted In: greeting cards, Hallmark, Internet

Tell us: What’s a piece of old technology you refuse to give up?

Maybe it’s a record player, slide projector, or a toaster oven you bought in 1992. Does your old gadget outperform new technologies? Why are you still holding on to it?
Posted In: electronics, history

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