Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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On Capitol Hill today, the House Transportation Subcommittee holds a hearing on autonomous vehicles, or self-driving cars. Across the pond though, the town of Milton Keynes in England is already planning to have a whole fleet by 2015. Plus, the ongoing fight between Apple and Samsung. And, what are the security implications of the botched roll out.

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Dropbox wants to be worth $8 billion

Dropbox is the latest tech company to get caught up in the investment wave in Silicon Valley
Posted In: dropbox

Self-driving cars: In the future, you'll never have to park again

A town in England will have a fleet of self-driving cars by 2015.
Posted In: driverless cars

Obamacare's next possible nightmare: Privacy issues

The security implications for the botched ACA exchange rollout.
Posted In: Obamacare, ACA, privacy security

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