Marketplace Tech for Thursday, September 19, 2013

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This month the first inpatient treatment program for internet addiction opened in Bradford, Pennsylvania. It's a ten day program that involves a thorough search for internet connected devices, three day quarantine and, hopefully, a cure. And aircraft maker Boeing says it has built the first helicopter that can take off and land without help from a human.

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Google announces new biotech company that will study human aging

The tech giant aims to study the biology behind the process of aging.
Posted In: Tech, Google, biotech, aging, Health, biology

New treatment center helps shed misconceptions about Internet addiction

The nation's first inpatient treatment center for Internet addiction opens in Pennsylvania.
Posted In: Internet addiction, treatment center, Internet, Health

'Liking' something on Facebook is now protected by the First Amendment

Now when you 'like' something on Facebook, you're exercising your First Amendment rights.
Posted In: Facebook, first amendment, free speech

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