Marketplace Tech for Monday, September 2, 2013

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September looks to be pretty busy for tech giant Apple. The company is expected to announce two new iPhones, and maybe more. But it's safe to say that Apple doesn't command excitement around releases like it used to. Can the latest product announcements keep Apple on top? And today marks the midpoint of this year's hurricane season, which means a supercomputer at the University of Texas in Austin is at full steam ahead. It's being used to input real time weather data from all over the world and to predict extreme weather up to the minute.

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Two new applications for big data

Leveraging massive amounts of computing power to predict weather and explore the galaxy.
Posted In: big data, supercomputer, weather, space

Apple's 'plastic iPhone' goes after Samsung customers

Apple is about to unveil a music service and two new phones - including a cheaper model - as it fights for market share against Samsung phones like the Galaxy.
Posted In: apple, iPhone, samsung

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