Marketplace Tech for Monday, March 4, 2013

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Our focus this week is women in tech and in recent days some of Silicon Valleys most powerful have been making headlines. The CEO of Hewlett Packard, Meg Whitman, leading her company's backing of same sex marriage. Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg has her new book on sparking a social movement in tech. And there's Yahoo's boss, Marissa Mayer, with a controversial ban on employees working from home. To start the week, Marketplace's Silicon Valley reporter Queena Kim gives us an overview.

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A status update on women in tech

How does tech compare to other industries when it comes to female employment, equal pay, and cultural attitude?
Posted In: women, diversity, Tech

Taking smartphones out of sleepovers

How do you host a sleepover for your kids without smartphones getting in the way?
Posted In: smartphone, family tech, iPhone

Companies look to make 'big data' into safe data

At the RSA computer security conference in San Francisco last week, a key theme was not what companies can and should do with customer data, but what crooks might do with it if they hacked in.
Posted In: big data, computer security

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