Marketplace Tech for Monday, March 3, 2014

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You've heard of Uber and Lyft and the burgeoning market in alternative taxi cabs. But what would it be like to be an Uber driver? Look behind-the-scenes at what life is like for these drivers: the conversations, the pay, and the lifestyle. Is the job of an 'Uber driver' the new bartender? And the Bitcoin world is still digesting the reported bankruptcy and theft at the trading exchange Mt. Gox. But Bitcoin advocates say the controversy may only serve to make the crypto-currency more secure.

What do you learn at SXSW? Buzzwords

Which SXSW panel should you attend: "Your Mystery Barge is your Brand" or "Tacos Are Dead, Long Live Tacos?"
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Oscars streaming #fail: how it went down.

Last night, ABC promised to stream the Oscars live online for the first time. But it failed.
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A look at ABC's Oscars streaming SNAFU

So how did it go when ABC tried streaming the Oscars live online for the first time? Get your popcorn ready.
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