Marketplace Tech for Monday, December 2, 2013

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This week, Marketplace Tech takes a look at the intersection of video games and mental health. We'll be talking with a few different people -- researchers, gamers, and game designers. Today we'll speak with artist Kara Stone. She recently built her first video game, but instead of a battlefield or a fantasy world, the game's landscape is built around the experience of mental illness.

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Is Amazon's delivery drone all hype?

On "60 Minutes" last night, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled a drone he said may be making deliveries in the coming years. But is it really possible?
Posted In:, drones

No guns or race cars or strategy in this video game.

Kara Stone, an artist and video game designer, talks about her video game "Medication Meditation," which explores what it's like to have a mental illness by recreating the therapy process.
Posted In: mental health, video games

More bosses let workers shop online during Cyber Monday

Companies say it's a morale booster and ensures that workers don't take the day off to shop at home.
Posted In: Cyber Monday, Retail, holiday shopping

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