Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Could biofuels take flight in the future?

Continental Airlines today becomes the first U.S. carrier to conduct test flight powered by biofuel. Can the greasy alternative become a rival to jet fuel? Sam Eaton reports.
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E.U. steps into Gazprom dispute

The European Commission says the gas dispute between Russia and Ukraine is unacceptable. Officials from the two countries and the E.U. will meet to work through the issue. Steve Chiotakis talks to Stephen Beard in London.
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Will the commodities rally last?

Investors have been trying to re-inflate the commodities boom of last year. Some experts believe food and energy prices could get a lift from the new administration's stimulus plan. Bob Moon reports.
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U.S. business plans for stimulus

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce issues a report today on the state of American business. The Chamber has its own changes that it wants to see in the economic stimulus plan. John Dimsdale explores a few of them.
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Keeping the green in infrastructure

Transportation officials are ready to get started working with funding from President-elect Obama's infrastructure plan, and environmental advocates want to find a way to steer them towards the green projects. Sarah Gardner reports.

Killefer named to spending reform post

President-elect Barack Obama has named former Treasury official Nancy Killefer to the new position of "chief performance officer" to oversee budget and spending reform. Steve Chiotakis has more.

GM classic cars on the auction block

General Motors is auctioning at least 200 of its vintage vehicles to shave off extra costs. Jeremy Hobson reports some classic cars will likely be hits, but others might not fly off the auction block so easily.
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Focus on the core problems first

With a new president comes a flurry of new proposals for everything from economic revival to climate change. But commentator Robert Reich warns that the core problems must be addressed if we want any other change to be effective.

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