Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lack of unemployment funding could hurt local businesses

Funding for unemployment benefits officially runs out today, although Democrats are pushing for a $12 billion extension. In the meantime, the two million long-term unemployed could find themselves cutting back drastically, and this could affect local businesses in a big way.
Posted In: Jobs, Small Business

Small businesses see benefits in going green

While the U.N. summit in Cancun undertakes big environmental initiatives, some small businesses are already taking up the green cause. What they're discovering is that beyond the environmental factors, going green is helping out their bottom line, too.
Posted In: Environment, Small Business

Ireland gets magical with leprechaun museum

Considering its current economic crisis, Ireland seems a unlikely choice for a new public attraction. But for those who believe that a little magic can help tough times, there's the new National Leprechaun Museum, the world's first to honor the small being.

Would you buy a "botox apple"?

As food safety moves toward the legislature, bioengineers are already creating new kinds of foods to regulate. Take the "botox apple," which won't brown after cutting. Will genetically modified food catch on? Sarah Gardner reports.
Posted In: Food, Health

Democrats work to extend jobless benefits

Democrats have been trying to pass a $12 billion package that would extend jobless relief for millions of Americans. Republicans have so far said no because the package would add to the deficit. Juli Niemann has more.

Google faces new European investigation

European investigators opened an inquiry into whether Google illegally pushes competitors out of its search results. It's the first major investigation into the online company's business practices.
Posted In: Internet

Could there be more fees in the future for Netflix users?

Comcast is slapping new fees on Level 3 communications -- that's the company that helps Netflix stream video to customers. The new fees could increase the price we pay to stream movies online. Gregory Warner explains.
Posted In: Entertainment

Calculating the cost of catastrophes

Swiss Re, and insurer, has issued a report, saying that the cost of this year's global catastrophes is $220 billion. Christopher Werth has more.
Posted In: Environment

TARP pricetag updated to $25 billion

Troubled Asset Relief Program, otherwise known as TARP, was expected to cost taxpayers $700 billion. Now we have an updated cost of just $25 billion. Gregory Warner explains.
Posted In: Banks

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