Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More economic indicators ahead

Wall Street may have forgotten about Detroit, but there are plenty of other things going on. Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson talks to Steve Chiotakis about the big economic indicators coming out this week, including March unemployment numbers.
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Lennar spins on buy low, sell high

Homebuilder Lennar reported a widened loss in earnings last night, but sales were a little higher than what analysts expected. Jennifer Collins reports ways the company could show signs of improvement.
Posted In: Housing

Where Skype and mobile will connect

It might seem like Skype will get the edge on AT&T with its new application for iPhone, but the app will only work where there's an Internet connection. Jeremy Hobson explains the technicalities involved.
Posted In: Internet

Senate takes on consumer credit

The Senate Banking Committee will consider a set of consumer credit protections today that might be unpopular with lenders. John Dimsdale reports why consumer groups think some current card practices are unfair.

Twittering your business away

Twitter has made a quick name for itself in the business world as a handy tool for entrepreneurs. Mitchell Hartman explores the unique ways different businesses use the tool -- and tries his own hand at tweeting.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Internet

Community colleges do it cheaper

As the cost of college tuition continues to climb, students and their families are beginning to explore more affordable options for education. Emily Hanford reports how community colleges are stealing the thunder of larger institutions.
Posted In: Education

Hummer sales are a bummer

Hummer has been tanking since the start of the year. Is there any way to save the failing auto company? Rico Gagliano reports what offers GM has on the table from other companies and what strategy might work best for the struggling car.
Posted In: Auto

What the G-20 will get done

As world leaders prepare for the G-20 summit, it's become clear that stimulus package increases won't be on the table. European correspondent Stephen Beard tells Steve Chiotakis what likely will be accomplished at the meet.

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