Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weak pound doesn't bode well for U.S.

Political fears are dragging down the British pound in foreign exchange markets, and that's bad news for the U.S. Marketplace's Stephen Beard explores the correlation between a weak pound and a high-riding dollar.
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Bank failures can mean a hot deal

Where there's a bank closing, there's sure to be an auction to follow. Small businesses looking for a steal on furniture or other liquidated assets can find some interesting things for sale. Dan Bobkoff reports.
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How sturdy are U.S. building codes?

Structural engineers give Chile's building codes credit for their role in damage control during the country's recent earthquake. How do building codes across the U.S. stack up? Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Housing

Fed to have own consumer watchdog

Senate negotiators are working out legislation that would create a government watchdog for consumers, but one that's less independent than some would like. Bill Radke gets details from Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer.
Posted In: Wall Street

Wine production stops after Chile quake

Chile's biggest wine maker, Concha y Toro, is halting production for at least a week as it recuperates from last weekend's deadly earthquake. Steve Chiotakis talks to Andrea Stiglich of the Economist Intelligence Unit.
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More bad allergies means more drugs

Italian research shows that hotter weather and higher carbon dioxide levels lead plants to produce more pollen, which aggravates human allergies. And that means profits for the pharmaceutical industry. Caitlan Carroll reports.
Posted In: Health

Data shows rise in financial lobbying

The financial industry spent nearly $500 million sending lobbyists to Capitol Hill last year, and some analysts say that number is set to go higher in 2010. Brett Neely explores how this spending has paid off on influencing legislation.

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