Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Good for Goldman Sachs, good for us?

Retail sales and Goldman Sachs earnings are both up. Is this positive news from the rest of us? Steve Chiotakis talks to analyst Juli Niemann from Smith, Moore and Company.
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That yacht is still within reach!

Not getting that big bonus you were expecting? Don't despair -- now there's yacht timeshare. Marketplace's Stephen Beard tells Bill Radke how it works -- though you'll still need about $3 million to start.
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Stimulus revs up electric car batteries

Several U.S. companies are awaiting word from the Department of Energy on who will receive $2 billion in stimulus aimed at the electric car battery business. Sarah Gardner explores what's at stake for these companies.
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U.S. targets credit-default swaps

The U.S. Justice Department is reportedly investigating a multitrillion-dollar financial market in London involved with credit-default swaps. Stephen Beard reports why this probe could be the start of a crackdown.
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Bustling has slowed for online stores

The increased competition among online stores has forced many e-retailers to slash their prices. That's hurt month-to-month sales growth, which has been negative since February. Dan Grech looks into which Web stores are holding up.
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A softball field is better than nothing

Ballpark Village was an under-construction shopping district next to St Louis' Busch Stadium that was supposed to be finished by today, but at the future site only stands a softball diamond. Adam Allington has the story.
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Exxon looks to benefits of pond scum

Exxon is expected to invest $600 million to develop a new generation of fuels derived from algae. Mitchell Hartman explains the various environmental benefits to algae and Exxon's involvement with biofuel investing.

How high-frequency trading works

One reason for the success of financial institutions like Goldman Sachs is the emphasis on high-frequency trading. Jill Barshay explores how fast technology can provide a cutting edge in the marketplace.
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