Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Europe meets on global market unrest

European leaders are meeting today talk about the global economy and unrest in the financial markets. European correspondent Stephen Beard looks over the issues with Scott Jagow, including a need for more transparency.

Taking 'Wall Street' from the Journal

After 119 years in the Wall Street area of Lower Manhattan, Rupert Murdoch is planning to relocate the Wall Street Journal to Midtown. Jeremy Hobson reports the move doesn't seem to bother people as much as changes to the paper.
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Floridian voters consider housing

Take tanking home prices, add high property taxes and you've got the housing market in Florida. John Dimsdale went to Fort Lauderdale to talk to voters on the issue as the state holds its Republican primary today.
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Looks are important in the campaign

A study out today suggests what a candidate looks like has a lot to do with their chances of getting elected. Scott Jagow talks to study head Michael Lewis about how appearance factors into the campaign.

Senate to propose stimulus add-ons

President Bush's economic stimulus plan heads to the Senate tomorrow, and senators are already working to expand the bill. Steve Henn reports add-ons like road resurfacing projects and unemployment benefits will be in debate.
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U.S. avocado market ripe for Mexico

Because Mexico's avocado-growing season ends as the U.S. season starts, demand for the fruit is created year round. Dan Grech reports the U.S. views Mexico as a trading partner in avocados rather than competition.
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Bush plans to eliminate earmarks

In his last State of the Union address, President Bush said he wanted to wean Washington, D.C. off of earmarks, or pet spending projects. But Steve Henn reports some analysts are skeptical.

Dutch homes will float with the climate

Global warming's rising oceans seriously threaten the Netherlands, where 60% of its population lives below sea level. But some Dutch are floating new options for going with the flow. Rico Gagliano explores their climate-proof homes.

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