Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toll roads could take to the air

The FAA wants airplanes to use satellites to help ease congestion, but some aren't happy with a plan to charge a toll in the sky to pay for it. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports delays could get much worse if nothing is done.
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Germans paying for tax evasion

Several hundred wealthy Germans are suspected of evading taxes with the help of a bank in Lichenstein. Scott Jagow talks to reporter Brett Neely in Berlin about the scandal and the "sport" of tax evasion.
Posted In: Crime, Investing, Taxes

Take control of your nutrition bar

Anthony Flynn was fed up with nutrition bars with ingredients that weren't very nutritious, so he decided to let people have the option of customizing their own. Lisa Napoli reports on his fast-growing business.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship, Health

CO2 a common election concern

The presidential candidates are working hard to differentiate themselves, but most of them do agree on one thing. Sarah Gardner reports all the leading candidates endorse a limit on CO2 emissions.

Subprime affects Credit Suisse, too

Today Credit Suisse lowered the value of some of its securities by $2.85 billion. But Stephen Beard reports the size of the write-down isn't spooking investors as much as the lack of information from the bank.
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The speed limit on China's inflation

China has said its inflation rate is now over 7 percent, and the government has been deploying price controls for weeks to try to calm things down. Scott Tong reports the hope is that the inflation is only temporary.
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Retailers face HD DVD phase-out

Now that Toshiba has pulled the plug on its HD DVD business, retailers who sold customers HD DVD CDs and players will have to deal with returns. Jill Barshay reports there's at least a slight silver lining.
Posted In: Retail, Wall Street

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