Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, January 1, 2009

This gecko discovery just might stick

You know the little green gecko in the Geiko commercial? Well its real-life model has an amazing ability to attach its toes to any surface, then easily peel them off. Janet Babin reports on the commercial promise of that gecko talent.

Could Obama change Cuba policy?

Fifty years ago Fidel Castro took control of Cuba, and the island nation's relationship with the U.S. has been dicey ever since. President Bush took a hard stance on Cuba, but with a new administration coming in, could a change in policy follow? Dan Grech reports.

Will baseball network hit a home run?

The Major League Baseball Network launches today and will be available in 50 million homes. But will the startup cable channel be a home run or strike out, especially in these economic times? Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Belt tightening with actual belts

Belt tightening, belt tightening, belt tightening. With all the talk about belt tightening as a way to save money, Sean Cole wondered what effect the economy is having on real belts, like leather ones.
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Health clubs expect to stay healthy

Lots of people may have made a resolution to get to the gym in 2009. But in these tough times, is the health club industry going to suffer from the recession? Andrea Gardner reports.
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Looking at the euro as it turns 10

The European single currency -- the euro -- is 10 years old today. Compared with the dollar it is in decent shape. But it wasn't always that way. From the Marketplace European desk, Stephen Beard reports.

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