Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, December 27, 2007

Employers can use Medicare for elders

A new ruling says employers can shift health care to Medicare once workers become eligible for benefits at age 65. Some businesses like the idea, but the AARP calls it age discrimination. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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A light at the end of the Big Dig tunnel

After 25 years, several billion dollars and many mistakes, Boston's massive underground highway construction project known as the "Big Dig" will be finished New Year's Eve. Monica Brady-Myerov reports on the lessons learned.

Hard to bare the bear market

It's been a bad year for bear-market mutual funds. Steve Tripoli reports besides trailing all other mutual funds, future prospects are also looking grim, and economic optimists should be warned.
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Norway's boardrooms a woman's world

A law in Norway requires at least 40 percent of positions in the country's boardrooms be taken by women. The deadline to fulfill the law is Monday, and Stephen Beard reports the mandate is working.
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Home-equity fix creates bigger problem

With the middle class strapped for cash, Americans have turned to home equity -- and the well is running dry. Marketplace's Steve Tripoli talks to host Doug Krizner about a long-term pay-off for a short-term solution.

What hurts the U.S. helps Seattle

The housing slump and weak dollar may be hurting much of the U.S., but the economy in Seattle is doing surprisingly fine. Phyllis Fletcher reports what may seem bad for everyone else can be good for Washington state.
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A crackdown year for illegal immigrants

What was supposed to be the year of comprehensive immigration reform became the year of cracking down on illegal immigrants. Host Lisa Napoli takes a year-end look at illegal immigration with reporter Dan Grech.

Where is Japan's ocean boundary?

The Japanese prime minister's visit to China will focus on improving the countries' relations, but the issue of the water boundary between the two countries might make things hairy. Scott Tong reports.

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