Marketplace Morning Report for October 5, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for October 5, 2011

Is the end of 'The Simpsons' drawing near?

A new struggle over salaries of voice actors at Fox could mean the end of the iconic series.
Posted In: Entertainment

Josh Brown: European banks on the precipice of a crisis

We hear from Josh Brown, analyst at Fusion Analytics, about how dire the banking crisis in Europe really is.
Posted In: Banks

Job market sending mixed signals in the U.S.

Reports are out today that private employers added 91,000 jobs in September. We talk to John Challenger about why that isn't enough.
Posted In: Jobs

Bank of New York Mellon sued over currency transactions

The U.S. Justice Department and the New York attorney general are suing Bank of New York Mellon over a policy that allowed them to make over $2 billion over a decade.
Posted In: Banks

Leaders under pressure to strengthen European banks

The focus in Europe is transitioning to the big banks in the region that are exposed to bad sovereign debt.

How safe is Britain from the euro crisis?

Britain is in many ways removed from continental Europe -- but not so removed that it won't ever feel the effects of the European debt crisis.

Congress takes up free trade bills

The administration says trade deals with South Korea, Panama and Colombia would create jobs. How exactly would that work with, say, Panama?

Has the smartphone killed the point-and-shoot camera?

Apple's iPhone 4S has an improved camera from its predecessor. It's just the latest phone camera that could threaten the digital point-and-shoot industry.

Paying your mortgage with retirement savings?

Two Georgia lawmakers are set to introduce a bill where struggling homeowners can tap into their 401(k)s tax-free to help pay off their mortgages.
Posted In: Housing

Euro sovereign debt problems pour over into banking system

Dexia may be just the first in a line of European banks that could fail in the midst of the European financial crisis. And the average citizen could soon feel the effects.

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