Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, October 20, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, October 20, 2008

Looking into credit default swaps

Two rival government agencies are reportedly teaming up to investigate trading in credit default swaps. At issue is whether traders manipulated this unregulated market to drive down stock prices. Dan Grech reports.

French bank CEO risks millions

A year after a rogue trader took a major bank for millions, another French financial institution is suffering from one big risk-taker. Megan Williams reports on Caisse d'Epargne's case -- and France's upcoming bank audit.
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Congress meets with banking industry

Congress is holding hearings this week on the U.S. banking industry. Steve Henn reports while many members of Congress would like to be back home campaigning, they want to come up with a post-election plan.

Dutch government to rescue ING

The Dutch government announced it will be buying a $13 billion stake into ING and will also take seats on the bank's supervisory board. Stephen Beard reports why the move has astounded analysts.
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Bank bailout also curbs CEO pay

When Congress passed its bailout package, it also limited the pay for CEOs of the financial firms being rescued. And Rachel Dornhelm reports the guidelines could affect CEO compensation in all industries.
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A bailout plan for South Korea

South Korea initiated its own multibillion-dollar rescue package for its banking system today. The problem: leaning too much on U.S. credit. Scott Tong looks deeper into Seoul's new loan guarantees.

Things getting brighter for B of A

Bank of America reported bleak results a few weeks ago, but the government rescue plan can mean good things for the bank's future. Janet Babin reports why B of A may be a safer investment now despite its current trauma.

The bailout is not the end of capitalism

Americans are trying to wrap their heads around the government pouring billions of dollars into U.S. banks. Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan told Renita Jablonski that it doesn't mean an end to the capitalist system.

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