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The U.S. stock market is closed on this day after Christmas, which is shaping up to be one of the biggest shopping days of 2011, analysts say. And if you're planning to brave the crowds there may be a silver lining, especially if you plan to return or exchange a gift: many retailers are offering shoppers store credit for the difference between the original price of a product and the current sale price. Also on the show, a look at the growing cost of extreme weather events. And despite the down job market, high-tech companies are struggling to find software engineers.

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Detroit girds for possible state takeover

With Detroit $12 billion in debt, Michigan is about to start a financial review that could result in a state-appointed emergency manager for the city.
Posted In: Detroit

2011: The year of living extreme

This year will go down as the year with the most extreme, most devastating weather, ever.
Posted In: weather

Stores offer many happy non-returns

Some post-holiday shoppers today will take advantage of a little-known policy at several stores that offers money back on items purchased before Christmas that have since been discounted
Posted In: Retail, sales

Need work? Become a software engineer

The unemployment situation is still tough for many millions of Americans, but for those companies hiring software engineers, trouble cuts the other way.
Posted In: software engineer, Jobs, employment, technology

U.S. businesses still profit despite new unrest in Russia

20 years ago yesterday, the Soviet Union became Russia, and U.S. businesses have been profiting ever since
Posted In: Russia, trade, soviet union

Oil in North Dakota spurs housing boom

Oil towns in North Dakota have spawned a robust job market, but the state's housing situation can't keep up. This year, 2,000 will be built.
Posted In: Jobs, North Dakota

China, Japan make currency deal

China and Japan announce plans to allow businesses to swap currency without dealing in U.S. dollars
Posted In: China, Japan, currency

In the English countryside, no sheep is safe

More than 60,000 sheep have gone missing in the UK this year - three times the usual number - as the rising price of Lamb presents opportunity for thieves.
Posted In: sheep, livestock, Crime

Podcast: Extreme weather, much ado about mutton, and more shopping madness

An increase in extreme weather in 2011 has lead to one of the most expensive years for insurance claims. It's also turning out to be a record year for sheep rustlers on the lamb in the English countryside, where a record number of sheep have gone missing this year. Plus, China and Japan make a currency deal, Detroit girds for possible state takeover, and more top headlines from around the globe on this day after Christmas.
Posted In: shopping, weather, currency, soviet union

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