Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 27, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, March 27, 2009

Worst period for consumer may be over

U.S. consumer spending rose for a second straight month in February, though things don't seem as rosy when adjusted for inflation. Still, some analysts say consumers may be past the steepest declines. Tamara Keith reports.

Nuclear power a less toxic subject

There's been a huge shift in how nuclear power is perceived, which some experts attribute to a renewed focus on safety. Danielle Karson reports issues like disposal are currently among the nuclear industry's most pressing concerns.

Swiss bankers aren't going anywhere

Top Swiss banking executives are being banned from traveling outside of the country in an effort to avoid potential detainment by authorities. Christopher Werth reports how the precedent was started.
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Solving Afghanistan's drug problem

China, Russia and the U.N. are meeting on what to do about heroin production in Afghanistan, which is helping fund Taliban insurgents. The West is being criticized for its lack of handling of the drug trade. Dan Grech reports.

This market is more bear than bull

Few analysts will declare the latest market rally as the start of something bigger. Tamara Keith reports why several negative indicators make it more bear market rally than bull.
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Iceland will keep your servers cool

Hoping to heat up its economy again after the fall of its biggest banks, Iceland is embarking on a new innovation: data farming. Stephen Beard explores why this idea works and is actually kind of cool.
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Film industry shoots beyond California

States are luring the movie and TV industry out of California with tax credits. The move has created thousands of jobs in New York, Connecticut and even Michigan. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Tensions flaring on corporate excesses

The president meets with bank executives and trade groups today to talk regulation, commercial loans and financial bailouts. Amanda Aronczyk reports on mounting tensions between Wall Street culture and the worried masses.
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French labor protesters do it differently

Huge labor protests have swept France this week as a backlash to the Sarkozy government's treatment of the economic crisis. Bob Moon talks to Anita Elash in Paris about a string of worker demonstrations, including a recent French boss-napping.
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