Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, June 17, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Friday, June 17, 2011

SEC could file civil charges against ratings agencies

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Securities and Exchange Commission could file civil fraud charges against some credit ratings agencies for potential negligence in mortgage-bond deals that helped trigger the financial crisis. Jean Eaglesham from the Wall Street Journal explains.
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ESPN: Green Bay Packers ranked 'Best Franchise in Sports'

Peter Keating, a senior writer with ESPN The Magazine, explains this year's 'Best Franchises in Sports.'
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Finding the link between oil and Greece

Chris Low, chief economist with FTN Financial, explains some of the factors that are brining down the cost of oil, and when we'll see the prices down at the gas pump.
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It's not the Greek debt that's holding things back, it's everything else

Jill Schlesinger, editor at large at CBS/MoneyWatch, explains what the fiscal landscape would look like if the Greek debt crisis was addressed this weekend.
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Saudi women get behind the wheel to protest driving ban

Women in Saudi Arabia are driving today as part of a nationwide, social-media campaign protesting driving restrictions. Dr. Fawziah Al-Bakr, professor at King Saud University, explains.

Wells Fargo to stop offering reverse mortgages

The fourth-largest bank in the U.S. has announced it will no longer make reverse mortgages because home prices are too unpredictable.
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Greece replaces finance minister

In a move to quell violent protests, the prime minister of Greece has replaced his finance minister in a broad cabinet re-shuffling.

College recruiting goes overseas

Foreign students pay higher tuition, though some educators see risks if recruiters are paid by commission.
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Doctors' association to vote on support for health care reform

Just like President Obama's health care reform law, the American Medical Association's current policy says most Americans should be required to buy health insurance. But the law also comes with requirements that could put small practices out of business.
Posted In: Health

How the movie business has changed, for better and worse

<em>Variety</em>'s editorial director Peter Bart talks about the major differences in Hollywood and the film industry since he was an executive at Paramount Pictures in the 1960s and 1970s.
Posted In: Entertainment

New California solar farm could be major step in solar energy's future

The Blythe Solar Power Project on the California-Arizona border will be the world's largest solar-and-steam power plant, producing enough energy to power 300,000 homes.

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