Marketplace AM for October 2, 2006

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Sloan Sessions: What's behind market rally?

Newsweek Wall Street editor Allan Sloan talks with host Scott Jagow about the recent stock market climb.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

Taking federal issues into their own hands

What happens when a state like California jumps into issues usually reserved for Congress? Jeff Tyler reports. First in <a href=""><strong>The Real Agenda</strong></a> series.

Brazil's presidential election tightens

Incumbent Brazilian President Luiz Ignacia Lula da Silva had looked like a shoo-in for reelection, but corruption allegations have tightened the race. Marketplace's Dan Grech talks with host Mark Austin Thomas.
Posted In: Canada

Businesses watch new Supreme Court session

A large number of the cases on the Supreme Court's 2006-07 docket have deep implications for businesses. And that has many gearing up for a fight. Sam Eaton reports.
Posted In: Washington

Whither the 4th quarter?

With the fourth quarter of 2006 underway, Lisa Napoli takes a look at where the economy is headed for the rest of the year.
Posted In: Economy, Investing, Wall Street

Online gambling's chips are down

Shares in online gambling firms plunged by up to 60% on the London Stock Exchange today. Investors have been baling out of the sector after Congress passed a bill cracking down on Internet betting. Stephen Beard reports.

Wildfires burn through government coffers

This year, wildfires have burned over 9 million acres, mostly in the West. Now the bill for fighting those fires is coming due. Austin Jenkins has more.
Posted In: Washington

Morgan Stanley enters China banking

The race is on to get a piece of China's $5.1 billion banking industry. Today, Morgan Stanley got a head start over its rivals. Jocelyn Ford reports.
Posted In: Canada, Wall Street

Netflix offers prize

If you can come up with a recommendation on how Netflix can improve its software, there's money in it for you &mdash; $1 million to be precise. Hillary Wicai reports.

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