Marketplace AM for May 8, 2007

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Subprime neighborhoods

People in poor, minority neighborhoods were prime targets for subprime lenders, so when that market crumbled those areas were hardest hit. A nonprofit group has plotted maps showing the disparity in New York City. Ilya Marritz walks us through it.
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To be a cornfield or not to be

Corn prices are sky-high thanks to the sudden demand for ethanol, but that's spurring debate over whether some farmland should be taken out of a conservation program and used to grow more corn. Annie Baxter reports.

A case for liquefied coal

Washington wants to step up alternative fuel production and, who woulda thunk it, the coal industry is making a big push to gain federal support. And it's making some headway, Sam Eaton reports.
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Gaming the college ranking guide

Every August, US News and World Report publishes its influential guide to American colleges. But the popular franchise has its detractors, who say some universities distort key information. Steve Henn reports.

Piracy losses disputed

New research says losses in overseas sales due to piracy are drastically lower than business groups have been claiming. That's creating concern that the new numbers will take the heat off countries like China, Stephen Beard tells us.
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More pork than water?

Watchdog groups are calling it the biggest pork-barrel water projects bill ever. The Senate wants to spend $32 billion for hundreds of projects — like millions to keep a California beach sandy. Steve Henn reports.
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Checking in on Real ID

A Senate committee today revisits the Real ID Act, which creates a federal standard for state IDs. Most folks agree it's a good idea, but no one wants to foot the expensive bill, reports Jeremy Hobson.
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Italy seeks leaders with less

The days of billionaire media moguls running Italy may be numbered. The present government is trying to push through a law that would keep anyone with business interests over about $18 million out of office. Megan Williams reports.
Posted In: Canada

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