Marketplace AM for March 9, 2006

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The news from Warren Buffet

Host Scott Jagow and personal finance expert Chris Farrell deconstruct the Oracle of Omaha's latest annual letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway holding company.
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The Classic: Safe or out?

One week into the inaugural World Baseball Classic, host Cheryl Glaser and business of sports expert David Carter examine whether it's doing much to attract more fans to the game.
Posted In: Sports

Japan rising

The Bank of Japan today ended a five-year policy that kept interest rates near zero. It's the first step toward an eventual rise in rates, something that's already happening in the U.S. and Europe. But Jocelyn Ford reports that the news isn't all bad.

Torpedoing the Dubai ports deal

GOP lawmakers are siding with Democrats in trying to sink the Dubai Ports World deal. Now there's word several buyers are offering to take the problem off the company's hands. Stephen Beard reports.

Wall Street policing Wall Street

Critics and supporters of efforts to facilitate Wall Street's practice of regulating itself are expected to turn out at a Senate Banking Committee hearing today. Amy Scott reports.
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Telegraphing on telecom

AT&T should get an indication today of how its bid to acquire Bell South will be received by regulators. FCC nominee Robert McDowell will be asked about his opinion of the proposed merger at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing. Scott Tong reports.

Miner safety

A new rule to be published today requires mining companies to provide workers extra emergency oxygen supplies. Janet Babin reports.

The return of Tysabri?

A drug to treat multiple sclerosis is one step closer to returning to market despite concerns it could trigger a rare brain disease. Helen Palmer reports the debate over the drug may harbinger a shift in FDA regulatory policy.
Posted In: Health, Washington

Cell phone versus radio

A new report indicates commuters spend more time using their cell phones than they do listening to the radio. Lisa Napoli reports.

A real Fluff piece

Makers of the dessert spread Marshmallow Fluff have sued Williams-Sonoma Inc. over alleged trademark infringement for marketing a candy spread called Fluffernutter. Tess Vigeland reports.

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