Marketplace AM for March 20, 2007

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Subprime fears feed rate speculation

Some are calling for the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates to help insulate the economy against declines in the housing market. But others say the Fed is more concerned about inflation than recession.
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A statement on life's wages

Your Social Security earnings statement can be a nostalgic journey back to simpler times and summer jobs... or just plain depressing. Commentator Russell Frank suggests most of us use it as a friendly reminder that money isn't everything.
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Big Problems at Texas City

The final report on BP's 2005 Texas City oil refinery explosion is due out today, and the findings are expected to be extremely critical of the oil giant's upper management.
Posted In: Canada

Redefining McJobs . . . or not

McDonald's in Britain has tired of the expression McJob being used to refer to an unstimulating, low-paid job with few prospects. It wants dictionaries to change the definition — but language just doesn't work that way.
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Presidential road trip

President Bush meets with U.S. automakers on their own turf today at assembly plants in the Midwest — ones that happen to make hybrids. That'll be handy since he's expected to talk about fuel efficiency.
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Losing our scientific edge

The more we spend on scientific research, the greater the advances we make. Seems simple enough, but funding hasn't gone up since 2003 — so a group of U.S. scientists gave Capitol Hill a healthy reminder yesterday.
Posted In: Science, Washington

Mobile search race is on

Google has become synonymous with Web search, but if you're on a cell phone or PDA, slogging through result links can be a clunky experience. Yahoo thinks it's found a better way — if consumers catch on.
Posted In: Science

What's your videotone?

You had to know it was coming: ringtones plus video. As wireless networks and phones improve, video is going to play a greater role in our mobile lives. And video conferencing via cell could be just over the hill.
Posted In: Science

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