Marketplace AM for February 17, 2006

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Green & Economical

Wind power is typically more expensive than energy from conventional sources. But that's starting to change, and as Sam Eaton reports, it's helping some farmers save their family business.

Presidents Day

Presidents Day weekend starts today. Commentator Jeff Steinbrink argues that the holiday is all about the presidents in your wallet, not those in the history books.

Talk about bad timing...

As investigators look into allegations of resume padding by Radio Shack CEO David Edmondson, the electronics company tries to reassure investors it's got a strategy to boost sales. Business Editor Cheryl Glaser has more.

Northwest saga

A federal judge was to have decided today whether Northwest Airlines can void its labor contracts with pilots and flight attendants. Instead, he gave the parties a week to resolve their differences and avert a possible strike that could ground the airline for good. Janet Babin reports.

Little pump relief in sight

Although the price of crude oil has fallen from a record $71 a barrel to below $60, Amy Scott reports that we shouldn't expect to see much relief at the pump.

Happy 100th, Kellogg

The world's largest cereal maker turns 100 this weekend, and as Hillary Wicai reports, it might need to change its ingredients if it wants to stay on top.

The Job Files: Theater Organist

This installment of the Job Files looks at Wurlitzer organ player Jim Riggs.

Canadian drug shortage?

A free-market think tank north of the border warns that the land of the maple leaf could face a prescription drug shortage, given the amount of Canadian medicines sold to Americans over the Internet. Helen Palmer reports.
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California's carbon cap-and-trade

The Golden State plans to limit carbon emissions from private utilities and open a carbon market where companies can buy and sell carbon credits. As Sarah Gardner reports, California is the largest in a growing number of states experimenting with cap-and-trade.

Steel merger making the French nervous

A possible mega-merger in the steel industry has scared French regulators. It would not only create a company with more than 10% of the world's market; it would also put at risk thousands of French jobs. So the government is looking for new ways to ward off takeover bids from abroad.From London, Stephen Beard reports.

If I had a million dollars... a day

$365 million is the jackpot for this Saturday's Powerball lottery. It's the largest in US history. The number's got us thinking... $365 million. A million bucks a day for a year. What could you buy for that kind of money? Dan Grech dreams about a lottery payday.
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