Marketplace AM for December 22, 2006

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Is Tiger bad for golf?

As Tiger Woods continues to rake in huge endorsement deals, business of sports commentator Diana Nyad says that's good for Tiger, but Tiger isn't necessarily good for golf.
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Patents get harder to come by

The U.S. patent office had a record-breaking 2006. It approved the lowest number of patents in recorded history — and the number could continue to shrink. Janet Babin explains.

Mesa Air teams with Chinese carrier

The Phoenix-based regional carrier Mesa airlines is going into business with the China's Shenzhen Airlines in a deal that should benefit both sides. And just in time for the Beijing Olympics in '08.
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Arizona welcomes population growth

Census Bureau figures out today show that Arizona has surpassed Nevada as the fastest-growing state — but some say it would benefit from an even greater population boom. Annie Baxter reports.

Hunting for oil

Western oil companies are finding it more and more difficult to find — or gain access to — new oil and gas resources. Amy Scott explains.
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Russia turns its sights on BP

Shell finally caved yesterday and agreed to sell its controlling stake in a Russian oil and gas project to the state-run oil company Gazprom. Now the Kremlin is turning up the heat on BP. Stephen Beard reports.
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Job Files: Santa

In this special holiday installment, we take you to the North Pole to meet you know who . . .

Online holiday sales 'utterly exploding'

Holiday shoppers are turning to the convenience of the Internet for their gift-buying needs this season. Online sales are up 25% over last year, Hillary Wicai reports.
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Sony BMG settles anti-piracy suits

Last year Sony BMG admitted to loading its CDs with spyware that infected users' computers. This year it announced it will pay $4.25 million to settle lawsuits with 39 states.
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