Marketplace AM for August 23, 2006

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Time to redefine entitlements

Commentator Steve Moore argues it's time to dust off the idea of replacing social security with private retirement accounts.

Californians movin' out

It seems that "California Dreamin'" isn't quite as ideal as it used to be for many Americans. There's evidence that suggests people and businesses are headed out of state. Jeff Tyler has the story.

Housing market getting chilly

Yesterday Toll Brothers reported disappointing quarterly earnings. Stacey Vanek-Smith looks at what's next for luxury homebuilder and the US housing market.

Immigration lawsuit

Labor law expert Harley Shaiken weighs in on a lawsuit filed yesterday in California against employers who hire illegal immigrants.

EU may ban US rice

Japan banned US imports of long-grain rice over the weekend. Ashley Milne-Tyte takes a look at the stakes if Europe announces restrictions of its own today as expected.
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Coffee, tea or CHAOS

Northwest flight attendants are hoping to win passengers to their side of the labor dispute. The workers are threatening to launch a job action dubbed CHAOS as early as Friday. Annie Baxter reports.

Insurers adapt to global warming

According to a new study out today, some insurance companies are changing their policies to reflect the threats posed by global climate change. Janet Babin reports.

Do charter schools work?

A new study looks at how charter schools compare to standard public schools. Hillary Wicai reports on the findings.

GM taking second-hand cars to India

General Motors in India is getting into a new side of the auto business: used car sales. Right now GM cars only account for 2% of the Indian market, but the company has big plans there. Miranda Kennedy reports.
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New fuel in UK immigration debate

Over half a million East Europeans have flocked to Britain to work in the past two years, say new official statistics, and that's revived debate about the economic benefits — and disadvantages — of large-scale immigration. Stephen Beard reports.
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Car buyers rank fuel economy No. 1

A Consumer Reports survey out this morning shows that fuel economy is now the top consideration for folks in the market for a new vehicle. Hillary Wicai reports.

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