Marketplace AM for August 10, 2007

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World markets shaken and stirred

The U.S. subprime mortgage crisis is now sending economic shockwaves around the globe. Major markets are dropping percentage points by the day, but will the fallout spill over and dampen overall economic growth? Debate is raging.
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How did we get here?

With markets and investors in something of a state of panic, we turn to industry insiders King Penniman and Bill O'Grady to explain what's happening and who's ultimately responsible for this mess.
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Workplace outlook: surprisingly positive

A poll of corporate executives and middle managers on the future of the workplace 10 years from now unearthed some interesting and surprising answers, but perhaps none more so than the degree of job satisfaction. BusinessWeek's Peter Coy fills us in.
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Swim at your own risk

You might start seeing more of those "No Lifeguard on Duty" warning signs. The American Red Cross says beaches and pools across the country are experiencing a shortage of people who are qualified and willing to do the job. Pat Loeb reports.
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SEC wades into subprime mess

There's word this morning that the SEC is digging into the books at top Wall Street banks and brokerage firms to make sure they're not hiding any subprime losses. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Virgin Air lands in Asia

With Virgin America now off the ground, British billionaire Richard Branson has jetted across the Pacific to announce a new partnership in Asia, where the demand for budget flights is booming. Sam Eaton reports.
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Early primaries feed local economies

States like Florida and South Carolina are jockeying to move their primaries and caucuses earlier than ever. It's mostly about political clout, to be sure, but early primaries are a boost for local economies too. Steve Tripoli reports.
Posted In: Washington

Politics at play with Petrocaribe?

Energy cooperative Petrocaribe allows countries like Jamaica and Haiti to buy oil through products like bananas and nutmeg. But some say the deal is just a way for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to push his politics. Brian Ellsworth reports.
Posted In: Canada

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