Marketplace AM for April 28, 2006

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Not all newspapers are feeling the squeeze from the rise of Internet news. Ashley Milne-Tyte looks at one sector of old media that's actually growing.

Life in the Iraqi army

Ben Gilbert reports on one of the few jobs in Iraq with a steady paycheck: being a soldier in the Iraqi army.
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Thanks China!

China's surprise interest rate hike caused oil prices to fall today to $70 a barrel — a whole $5 lower than Monday. But, as Ruth Kirchner reports from Beijing, no one thinks the lower price will last.
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Whither GDP

New numbers out this morning reveal that the economy grew 4.8-percent this month. That's the strongest rate of growth since the third quarter of 2003. However Amy Scott says enjoy it now, because it probably won't last.
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Are first-round picks a good deal?

The NFL Draft gets underway today. As Alisa Roth reports, top-dollar investment in first-round draft picks doesn't always pay off.
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Restructuring Intel

After posting disappointing earnings, Intel Inc. announced a massive restructuring Thursday. As Rachel Dornhelm reports, the company is hoping to trim $1 billion in cost.

Tax cuts in limbo

Leaders from the House and Senate are discussing a new round of tax cuts and a provision to shield middle class Americans from a tax originally intended for the wealthy. John Dimsdale reports.

Bush and the Big Three

President Bush is expected to meet with the heads of the Big Three automakers next month. Bob Moon has a preview of what they're expected to talk about.

Obesity fight goes high-tech

The biotech sector is working on electronic devices to curb obesity, including a so-called "gastric pacemaker" that tricks the stomach into thinking it's full. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
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Job Files: Trailer park manager

This installment of The Job Files looks at Kenneth Grindell, manager of the Shady Dell Vintage RV Park in Bisbee, Ariz.

Traveling this summer?

Get ready for some waiting. The planes are fuller and airports may not have enough security screeners. Feds are trying to solve the problem, Scott Tong reports.

A different Dubai deal

Another White House deal with a Dubai company. Last time it was ports and congressional heat burned it. This time it's a maker of parts for US tanks and military planes. Scott Tong reports the word from the administration: This one's different.

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