Marketplace Money for Thursday, August 20, 2010

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Marketplace Money for Thursday, August 20, 2010

5 years after Katrina, YURPs move in

The population of New Orleans is about 80 percent of what it was pre-Katrina thanks to a growing population of so-called YURPS: Young Urban Rebuilding Professionals who showed up to help bring the city back and stayed.
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MasterCard, your new best friend?

Ron Lieber of the New York Times talks with Tess Vigeland about a new program from MasterCard that will and set controls on your credit or debit spending, and cut you off when you disregard your own budget.

Debating the future of Fannie, Freddie

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were on the hot seat this week, as government officials debated their future. Reporter Mitchell Hartman talks with Tess Vigeland about what Republicans and Democrats want to see happen to the mortgage giants.
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U.S. and China: A difference in choices

After living in China for three and a half years, reporter Scott Tong recently returned to the U.S. And while shopping in the grocery store, he wondered whether we have too many choices here.

Money grows in this treehouse

Mike Lane wanted to make sure his girls learned the value of work and money early on -- so he made them landlords of a treehouse in the backyard. Marketplace's Josh Rogosin pays them a visit.
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Marketing affairs: How to advertise paramours

Marketplace's Sean Cole decides to give Noel Biderman a shot at something a lot of media outlets don't give him: A chance to talk. Biderman's company runs several niche dating websites, including one for married people looking for an affair.
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Getting Personal: Your money and your kid, taxes while abroad

Tess Vigeland and Marketplace Money's economics editor Chris Farrell answer listener questions and e-mails about how to deal with financial ties with you and your children and paying your taxes while you're living abroad.
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Chicago families still trying to get by

Tess Vigeland checks in with Steve Ostrowski and Iris Bess, who were both profiled when Marketplace went to Chicago. Steve was unemployed and Iris had unemployment through an Illinois work program that is soon to expire.
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