Marketplace Money for September 24, 2010

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Marketplace Money for September 24, 2010

Getting Personal: How to balance debt payment and savings

Is an adjustable-rate mortgage a good idea? Host Tess Vigeland talks with David Lazarus for answers. Plus, get the low-down on counterfeit bills, mortgage modifications, and how to strike a balance between saving for the future and paying off past debt.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Spending habits: influenced more by peers, or demographic?

Can you save money by keeping up with the Joneses? The website lets you compare your spending habits with other people like you. But can it change the way you spend and save?
Posted In: Personal Finance

What we should expect from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

With the new appointment of Elizabeth Warren to the CFPB, changes in consumer protection are expected to be on their way. Tess speaks to two experts on what issues they think should be handled and how.
Posted In: Banks, Credit Cards

How apps can help you shop smarter

Smart phone apps aren't just for fun and games. The L.A. Times' Michelle Maltais -- a self-proclaimed "appiphiliac" -- explains how certain apps can also save you money.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Listen up, music fans: Shh!

It's expensive to go to a rock 'n' roll show today -- so let's make sure the experience is worth it. New York Times columnist Ron Lieber has some tips.
Posted In: Music

Getting a fix without dental insurance

There are an estimated 45 million people under 65 who don't have dental insurance. For some -- like reporter Vanessa Romo -- that means going out on a limb and naming your own price.
Posted In: Health

Health Insurance: Read the Fine Print

With the new provisions of the health care reform comes new restrictions and rules. Gregory Warner parses through the details of what's happening at the insurance companies, and what that means for you.
Posted In: Health

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