Marketplace Money for June 25, 2010

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Marketplace Money for June 25, 2010

New overdraft protection rules

Tess Vigeland talks with's Greg McBride about the Federal Reserve's new bank overdraft protection rules.
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Scam artists flourish in the recession

Tess Vigeland examines the latest financial scams with consumer finance columnist for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Sheryl Harris.
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Some cities try payday loan alternatives

A pilot program is underway in Baltimore that offers the convenience of a cash advance loan at a fraction of the price. Cathy Duchamp reports.

What's hampering HAMP loan program?

The government says its Home Affordable Modification Program, or HAMP, has only helped about 340,000 people. Reporter Stacey Vanek-Smith talks with Tess Vigeland about why more people have dropped out of the program than have gotten their loans modified, and other options people may have.
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What's driving Phoenix home building?

Sales of new homes fell 33 percent from April to May. Of course, April's figures got a boost from the government's federal tax credit. But signs of a housing comeback are mixed. So what's with all the construction going on around Phoenix? Peter O'Dowd reports.
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Getting Personal

The Los Angeles Times' David Lazarus and Tess Vigeland take your questions on managing school debt, and how much cash you should have available on hand in preparation for a catastrophe. Lazarus also weighs in on debt-settlement companies

Locals hurt by battered Gulf industries

The Gulf of Mexico provides families in the area with two significant economic opportunities -- oil and fish. And right now, with the BP oil spill, the future of both are in question. That's straining some communities in places like Boothville, La. Adriene Hill reports.
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Financial reform bill: The banks' view

Scott Talbot of the Financial Services Roundtable gives Tess Vigeland the banking industry's perspective of the compromise financial reform bill.
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Rep. Barney Frank on financial reform

Almost two years after the U.S. financial system found itself on the brink of collapse, Congress has reached a compromise on a financial overhaul bill. Congressman Barney Frank helped shepherd the bill through the House. He talks with Tess Vigeland about whether the bill is strong enough to prevent another crisis and what he thinks is missing from it.
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