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Set a budget. Save for retirement. Plan for college savings. But how do those rules fit with your circumstances? This week, we feature conversations that go beyond the fine print of personal finance. What type of college savings account works best? A look at the differences between a Roth IRA and a 529 savings plan. When should you think about buying a home? How does that influence what you save for retirement? Plus, prepare yourself for a fee battle. What you can do to get the upper hand on hidden costs.

529 college savings plans: What you should know

Answering listener questions about 529 college savings plans -- and 10 tips on things you should know about them.
Posted In: 529 plans, 529 college savings plan, education costs

So you don't understand that medical bill fee...

L.A. Times consumer columnist David Lazarus answers listener questions about health care cost-shifting, whether account monitoring services are worth their costs, and what to do when you don't trust the bank you've got a home loan through.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Comparing the federal budget to the household budget

Whenever debates over the budget rage in Washington, leaders can't help but say the government should balance their budget as well as a household. But that analogy might not always hold water.
Posted In: budget crisis, debt ceiling, federal government, government spending

Self-employed and looking for health care

The new health care exchanges will create even more options for consumers in an already crowded market. One group likely to shop around: self-employed workers.
Posted In: health care costs, Health care and insurance

The housing market: Back from the brink?

The housing market is showing positive signs with prices climbing back up. But is now the time to buy?
Posted In: Housing, housing market, housing prices

Where did the boomer women go?

Women aged 55-64 have left the workforce by the hundreds of thousands. Meanwhile, men that age are staying in jobs longer than expected. What gives?
Posted In: women, employment, boomer

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