Marketplace Money for Friday, September 10, 2010

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Marketplace Money for Friday, September 10, 2010

The three 'proverbial wallets'

Tess Vigeland talks to John Kestner, a grad student at the MIT Media Lab, about his "proverbial wallets" concept, which attempts to take the abstract, digitized way many people spend money into
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For richer or poorer...

Tess Vigeland went around the Marketplace office to see how the married staffers and their better halves deal with the household finances.

Refugees in U.S. struggling to find work

It's harder than ever to get a job now, even if you've got all kinds of degrees and experience. But the challenge increases when all of that experience was in another country.
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Homeownership, a black and white issue

In Memphis, Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson found that for struggling homeowners, the difference is as simple as black and white.
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Getting Personal: A refi riddle, financing a vineyard

Host Tess Vigeland and Kathy Kristof, personal finance columnist for CBS Moneywatch takes on listener's money questions. In the show this week, and economist has trouble figuring out the answer to a home refinance riddle, a 14-year-old girl learns the basics of savings and an amateur wine maker wonders if there's a cheap way to start a new vineyard.

Letters: Not buying clothes, DJ names for Tess

Tess Vigeland and Marketplace Money's Senior Producer Deb Clark go through your letters to stories you heard on Marketplace Money.

Smart spending buys happiness

Tess Vigeland talks to Assistant Professor Elizabeth Dunn who believes you can buy happiness, to a certain degree, if you spend your money right.

More money, better thoughts about life?

The Beatles should've given us a leg up and told us what money can buy: Happiness -- to a certain degree. A study shows that folks who earn around $75,000 think they have a pretty good life, compared to those who earn less.
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