Marketplace Money for Friday, May 6, 2011

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Marketplace Money for Friday, May 6, 2011

Class of 2011 wary of job prospects

The job market may be picking up, but many soon-to-be college graduates still feel uncertain about landing a job after graduation.
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What we spend on Mother's Day

It's probably impossible to pay back all that your mother has done for you, but here's a financial tally of how Americans try to give it their best shot on Mother's Day.

How to keep your chin up during the job search

As weeks bleed into months, it's hard to stay hopeful about your job search. A career coach offers some advice on how to keep on chuggin'.
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Learning to live and work in a foreign country

More Americans may be heading abroad for work assignments. Companies are investing in consulting firms to help employees and their families adjust to living and working in a foreign country.
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Los Angeles by electric bike: An alternative, alternative commute

Cars outnumber drivers in Los Angeles nearly two to one, but you don't necessarily need one to get around, according to one frugal commuter who does it on an electric-assisted bike.
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Could there be another Flash Crash?

Wall Street did normalize after the Dow dropped a harrowing 600 points in just a few minutes last year, but some investors say not enough is being done to prevent another Flash Crash.
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Getting Personal: Rental properties, debts

Marketplace Money guest host Bob Moon and Liz Weston answer listener questions. On the show this week, we'll find out when it's time to give up on a rental property that isn't making money, how to handle a seven-year-old debt that is now in collections and whether or not you should take your name off of a credit card account that is not yours... but is giving you a good credit history.

Missing money? How to claim it

It may be hard to imagine, but sometimes people forget about money and property that they have. Bob Moon talks to Valerie Jundt of Keane Unclaimed Property about how to check if you have any "lost" money to claim.

A look at air travel this summer

Summer travel season is nigh and exotic beaches are calling travelers. Learn what you can expect in terms of fares -- and where to find deals -- and if Congress' Passenger Bill of Rights really makes traveling easier.
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What's in your wallet, Jen Reel?

An Austin, Texas resident holds a key in her wallet that gives her access to a couple hundred cars.

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