Marketplace Money for Friday, July 5, 2013

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Guess what just went up this week? Yes, the temperature -- but also the interest rate on new federal student loans. That's affecting students, young and old. We talk with one woman whose wages were garnished because she defaulted on her student loans and speak with a couple of young adults worried about how they'll ever dig their way out of student debt. More seniors are also facing the challenge of college debt. We have the story of one 65 year old who is paying off his own loans and his kids'. Plus, did you know there are legitimate ways to get rid of your student debt without paying? Learn all about loan forgiveness. Also, what to do now that bond prices have fallen and how prepaid debit cards are causing problems for millions of wage workers. Finally, are yard sales or online auctions the best way to get rid of household clutter?

How to get rid of your student loans without paying

Loan forgiveness and discharge programs may help ease -- or even erase -- your student loan burden.
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Payroll debit cards: Know your rights

In a new digital era, payroll debit cards are becoming increasingly popular. But be sure you are aware of the fees associated with them.
Posted In: debit cards, payroll, payroll debit cards

Student debt: The burden on seniors

Most people think of student debt impacting folks in their 20s or 30s. But it's affecting older Americans as well.
Posted In: federal student loans, student loan debt, elderly

'The government garnished my wages' -- Defaulting on college debt

Ignoring your problems rarely ever makes them go away. Anna learned that the hard way when the government started garnishing her wages after she defaulted on her student loan payments. But, she says, she's thankful it happened.
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Worried by bond market fluctuations? Here's what to do

Older Americans, whose retirement portfolios include a lot of bonds, might be concerned about fluctuations in the bond market right now. We've got some advice on what to do.
Posted In: investors, Investing, bonds

Dealing with a large amount of student debt

Two young adults share their stories of how student loan debt has impacted their lives since graduating from college.
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Yard sale or online auction: The best way to get cash for clutter

Summer is the perfect time to get rid of your unwanted items, but is it more lucrative to sell stuff online or at a traditional a yard sale?
Posted In: online sales, sale, Yard sale, ebay

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