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The U.S markets are observing the Christmas holiday today, but Peter Troob, a hedge fund man and co-founder of Troob Capital Management tells us about the growing herd reaction to news. People get extra jumpy in these days of increasingly market volatility and that makes it hard to kick back and enjoy a day off. The pulse is down today on news that makers of the drink synonymous with celebrations are predicting a less-than-bubbly new year. Etienne Auriau of Laurent Perrier is somewhat pessimistic about the approaching new year. “Consumption is very tied to the economic situation,” he warned.

Bubbly still flat

Champagne as an economic indicator for 2012?
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Investing for a long weekend

In volatile times, traders become extra sensitive to news or rumors that could put them on the wrong side of a trade...even when the markets are closed for Christmas.
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